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Calibre Download in Docker

The Amazon Kindle reader software and hardware do have a good user experience compared to some stock reader apps (..cough..economist ios app..cough..)

So I prefer to downloading suitable content with calibre's prepared recipes into ebooks and consume them with any form of kindle reader.

To further simplify the process I have created a dockerfile that will create an container image which by default downloads "The Economist".

Create the Image

The Dockerfile :

FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y calibre-bin

ENV RECIPE "The Economist"

VOLUME /tmp/calibre

CMD ["bash","-c","ebook-convert \"${RECIPE}\".recipe /tmp/calibre/\"${RECIPE}\".mobi --output-profile kindle"]

Build the image with:
docker build -t calibre-container .

Use the Image

Run the image:
docker run -v /home/speedy-beaver/calibre/output:/tmp/calibre -it --rm calibre-container

The -v /home/speedy-beaver/calibre/output:/tmp/calibre maps the directory /home/speedy-beaver/calibre/output into the container, the downloaded ebook will be found in that directory.

By overwriting the RECIPE environment variable, it is possible to trigger any other of the built-in calibre recipes, e.g. like this:
docker run -e RECIPE="The Verge" -v /home/speedy-beaver/calibre/output:/tmp/calibre -it --rm calibre-container